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Apr 12,  · This price action strategy is a great day trading price action strategy to use. There may not be hundreds of price action setups a day, but when you find a trade that follows the Price Action Red Zone Trading Strategy you should see great results. Here are 5 key things to remember about price action/5(14). "Forex Price Action Edge" and its employees, officers, subsidiaries and associates, are not liable nor shall they be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from your use of the website or reliance on the information provided on this website. is one of the most popular forex Web sites in the world providing comprehensive and quality information to forex traders around the world. Thousands of forex traders read our Action Insight analysis reports every day and reference to our proprietary market indicator, Action Bias.

Forex Currency Pairs: The Ultimate Guide + Cheat Sheet

While the table above is fairly comprehensive, it is by no means a complete listing of every exotic currency in the world. However, it does cover some of the most popular of the less popular exotics. But before you rush off to add this basket of currencies to your trading platform, action insight forex, there are a few things you should know.

Liquidity Concerns As I mentioned earlier, these Forex exotics are less liquid than their more standard counterparts. Action insight forex while most of them can easily support the majority of retail orders, the lack of volume can adversely affect the spread between the bid and the ask. Also, in my experience, the study of technical analysis works best in highly liquid markets. This is one reason why I made the transition from equities to Forex in Because the exotic currency pairs lack sufficient liquidity, at least compared to that of other pairs, the accuracy of technical analysis can suffer.

So even if you find a pair that has a favorable spread, the lower volume may adversely affect your trading performance. Limited Historical Data At least two or three times a week I scan back several years on a particular currency pair. However, if you trade the exotics listed above, you may not have action insight forex luxury. In other cases, your broker may not offer the data.

Choppy Price Action This is perhaps the number one reason I avoid most exotic currency pairs like the plague. While you may be able to find a few that have favorable movement, for the most part, they are extremely choppy and volatile currencies to trade.

As you can see, the price action above is less than ideal. Opportunity Cost Last but certainly not least is the opportunity cost associated with trading exotic currency pairs. What does this mean, exactly? Of course, you could make the same case about any position, action insight forex, but with dozens of other currency pairs at your disposal, you certainly have to weigh the opportunity cost associated with trading a less liquid market, action insight forex.

Developing countries such as Burundi and Tanzania are among them. However, it also applies to countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This sensitivity is due to the vast amount of natural resources that flow from Canada, much of which makes its way to the United States. Among these natural resources is oil, which is a primary export for Canada and one that is vital to the health of the global economy. In fact, Canada exports over 2 million barrels a day to the US alone, action insight forex.

This high dependency on the commodity as an export makes the Canadian dollar vulnerable to fluctuations in the price of oil. Conversely, when oil depreciates so too does the CAD. In action insight forex, as of the country was the second largest gold producer only second to China. Why does this matter? It matters because investors tend to flock to gold during times of economic unrest. During times of economic uncertainty or struggle, investors tend to favor the US dollar. The Australian dollar also tends to track equities, so when these markets began to capitulate back in so too did the AUD.

Remember, all value is relative in the currency market. Rather, the currency is affected by a basket of commodities and is one of the top exporters of milk, meat, and fruits. During the global crisis, action insight forex, for example, gold was locked into a range and really only managed to move sideways with slight gains seen towards the end of the recession, action insight forex. Remember that if the quote currency experiences heavy appreciation, the pair is likely to move lower over time.

Japanese Yen JPY Last but certainly not least is the Japanese yen, another currency that has a long history of safe haven status. Notice how the yen crosses below fared during the meltdown. Over the years the yen has been one of the more consistent safe haven currencies, which has made it my go-to currency when fear begins to grip global markets. But just because an asset held its value or appreciated during the last market downturn does not mean it will behave in the same manner in the future.

However, action insight forex, the assets mentioned action insight forex do have a history of retaining their value when things turn sour. Know Your Currency Correlations If you only remember one thing from this lesson, let action insight forex be it. These commonalities action insight forex to both positive and negative associations.

So you get the idea. Again, pretty basic stuff but yet essential knowledge if you wish you achieve consistent profits in the Forex market. Why is it so important, action insight forex, you ask? Because managing risk is your number one job as a trader. For example, if you sell two negatively correlated pairs, chances are only one of the action insight forex trades will be successful, action insight forex.

So what is a Forex trader to do? It comes down to checking the currency correlation before placing a trade. Here is the currency correlation table I use. So What Action insight forex I Trade? Here you go!



action insight forex


Action Forex is one of the most popular forex Web sites in the world, providing comprehensive and quality information to forex traders around the world. Thousands of forex traders read our "Action Insight" analysis reports every day and reference our proprietary market indicator, "Action Bias," before making their trade decision. The latest Tweets from Action Forex (@actionforex): "AUD/USD Daily Outlook Followers: Thousands of forex traders read our Action Insight analysis reports everyday and reference our proprietary market indicator, Action Bias, before making their trade decision# Price Action Forex Trading System. The market is going down when price is making lower highs and lower lows The market is going sideways when price is not making higher.